The Nadia Collection is a romantic jewelry label embracing femininity and individuality. 

The founder, Nadia Azzi, began the label's foundations inside her Florida home in 2020. The brand has since expanded to Los Angeles and currently ships orders from both California and Florida.

We are proud to be a female-founded, 100% woman-led business. Our team is a small but powerful group of creative individuals sharing the same vision: making enchanting jewelry for those who want to feel confident, powerful, and are unafraid of taking risks. 

Our collection releases standalone pieces that are timeless and unique, instead of following the trends. Each piece aims to tell a story through its dreamy imagery.

The Nadia Collection strives to be a low-waste company, producing in small batches at a time to avoid waste and contribution to landfill. We use sustainable manufacturing practices and provide our employees with fair wages and a clean work environment. We have not and will not use sweatshops to produce our products. 

The Nadia Collection works with a small group of designers that create original and unique designs. The jewelry are produced in factories located in Shenzhen and Suzhou, China. We chose these factories because we have found that it offers more advanced technology options that can produce the highly intricate designs of our jewelry. 

Most of our jewelry uses a 925 Sterling Silver base, making them hypoallergenic and completely safe for sensitive skin. They are either gold plated or gold filled. 

Our mission is to make beautiful jewelry that will bring joy and confidence to others.